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The most prominent feature of this collection is its modularity.

This is becoming increasingly important in today’s design, especially for the ability to adapt the furniture to the needs of specific spaces and users. Thanks to the variety of shapes available, Organic allows the creation of diverse configurations. It fits perfectly in both commercial and residential interiors. The elements of the collection can be combined as a coherent, monolithic piece of furniture or used in a more casual arrangement. Their surprising comfort and high quality of workmanship translate into the durability and esthetics of the product.



The design refers to nature in a subtle way - it resembles smooth stones that we can encounter during walks by the river or lake.

This reference adds a unique character to the sofa - on one hand, it exudes strength and determination, and on the other - it retains a certain delicacy, mainly thanks to its round, original shapes. This combination of features makes it an ideal choice for those who value the combination of functionality and aesthetics.

Here you will find originality and a reference to nature.
"I wanted to move away from the traditional perception of the sofa and the typical rectangular approach to design. I believe that you can spend time equally comfortably on a piece of furniture that does not have a rectangular shape. I was looking for a distinguishing feature for my collection that would refer to rounded forms, such as the shapes of stones."


Izabela Brola-Cieśluk

A graduate of design at the Faculty of Architecture and Design of the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań. Co-owner of the design studio and the Brola-Bukowska brand.

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