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For 15 years we have been creating upholstered furniture with passion and commitment, implementing projects for our customers. As a manufacturer of contract furniture, we provide unique solutions for hotels, restaurants and offices. At the same time, we specialize in the implementation of individual private/white label projects. We are constantly developing sales under our own brand and we are pleased to present unique furniture collections which were created in cooperation with five renowned design studios.

We invite you to discover our new collections!



In the design process, the most important aspect for me is the comfort of use, in this case the comfort of sitting. A piece of furniture, regardless of its design, must first and foremost fulfill its function. At the same time, it should be subtle, complement the space and harmoniously blend in with the surroundings, adding aesthetic value to it. The idea of combining three segments into one monolith was a response to the need to create a piece of furniture that would not only fulfill its basic function, but also have a distinct, individual character.



Striving to break the conventional patterns in designing sofas, I decided to reject typical, rectangular forms. I am convinced that the comfort of use does not have to be limited to traditional shapes. I drew inspiration from natural, rounded forms, resembling the shapes of smooth stones. My goal was to design furniture that would combine ergonomics with an innovative, abstract approach to the form of the seat. It’s a collection for those who are looking for bold, yet minimalist and functional solutions.



Our vision crystallized around a central idea, deeply rooted in geometry and the richness of shapes and colors. We strived to create a piece of furniture composed of various elements that, although different, harmonize with each other, creating a harmonious whole. Each element is distinguished by its unique form and texture - from bolsters, through round shapes, to steel accents. As a result, we have managed to create a unique modular piece of furniture that can be freely configured, adapting it to individual needs. All this in order to offer our customers a product that combines functionality and aesthetics.



This collection is a combination of clean, simple forms that allow for flexible arrangement using only three modules. The versatility and simplicity of these pieces enable a wide variety of arrangements. The minimalist yet expressive design combines functionality with esthetics. BOLD is a great choice for contemporary commercial spaces, but also works well at the home.



A seat that combines the features of a chair with armrests and a comfortable armchair. Designed with comfort in mind, ideal for long conversations with loved ones around the table. Its distinctive, friendly shape makes it perfect for a hotel room, a home dining room, or a conference table. It promises comfort with its minimalist, rounded shape. This armchair is a coherent, robust form that will stand the test of time.



Furniture designed to blend interiors with open spaces. This furniture can be used both indoors and outdoors. The upholstered elements can be easily removed from metal frames during winter or prolonged rainfall.



A sofa with a minimalist design and delicate, rounded shapes, available in three well-thought-out variants, adapted to the needs of different users. It can be a coherent monolith, complemented by a table in the central part or extended with a chaise longue, which allows it to be used in a variety of spaces. The complement in the form of pillows gives it a warm homely character, and the subtle asymmetry adds individuality.



The collection consists of three different variants, which have been given an exceptionally friendly character, drawing inspiration from the shape of the pillows. This furniture is made of large, soft elements, which means that it does not overwhelm with its function. Certainly, Chat can be considered as furniture that offers intimacy and privacy in shared and commercial spaces.

We focus on traditional craftsmanship, the highest quality and professionalism.

We work with those for whom beauty, durability and functionality define contemporary design. In an era of dynamic change and constant technological progress, it is values and cooperation that become our unchanging compass. Together with our partners, we transform visions into concrete, unique projects that reflect our commitment to excellence. As a furniture manufacturer, in an industry where traditional craftsmanship meets modern design, we strongly believe that collaborating with designers is the way to create products that are not only beautiful, but also functional and durable.



We believe in the power of human hands and their unwavering dedication to traditional craftsmanship. Our original furniture is distinguished not only by its unique design, but also by its durability, being the fruit of a responsible approach to the creative process. Each element is carefully designed and manufactured, thanks to close cooperation with experts for whom the comfort of the user is most important.

What clients say about us?

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