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A collection designed to ensure privacy for its users.

Sofas and an armchair with high backs and armrests give a real sense of tranquility in the surrounding. Apart from units with an acoustic function, it is also possible to choose ones with a standard height and above-standard comfort. The design of the CHAT furniture is a combination of classic forms with a modern twist, making it a good choice for both a contemporary office and a minimalist apartment. Models with high backs and armrests, facilitating the confidentiality of conversations and meetings, are also perfect for shared and public spaces.




Design studio founded by Bartłomiej Pawlak and Łukasz Stawarski, who have been designing products since 2014, combining different character traits and temperaments. In their designs they often incorporate natural materials, using both artisanal and modern technologies. Their studio was included in Dezeen’s 2020 list of the most promising young design studios from around the world.

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