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Each piece of our furniture passes through at least 10 pairs of human hands. Many of the upholsterers, seamstresses, cutters, or carpenters working for MOTIV HOME have at least a decade of experience in their profession. They all originate from Wielkopolska, often working for generations in the field of furniture production.

Furniture for commercial interiors

Motiv Home offers professional services in the field of design and implementation of commercial interiors. For nearly 15 years, we have been a reliable partner in the process of equipping hotels, restaurants, offices, dormitories and nursing homes for the elderly. We care about the highest quality of workmanship and original ideas for interior design. We provide a comprehensive service: from the preparation of a well-thought-out project, through the production of furniture and assembly on site, to post-project service. Always in line with the assumed deadline and budget.

About Us



At Motiv Home, we value durability, beauty and creativity, which is why we have nurtured these values when creating our company and products. Every day at work, we use the latest tools available for the production of upholstered furniture, but at the same time we continue the traditional furniture craftsmanship with respect for the people and nature around us. We are passionately involved in creating unique, constantly new forms and solutions that make our clients' interiors unique.


By combining handmade and modern technologies, we give our customers the opportunity to individualize products, and thus the opportunity to emphasize the uniqueness of the designed spaces. At Motiv Home, we run the entire production process ourselves, thanks to which we can create products that perfectly match our customers’ interiors. We believe that with our participation, we create furniture that will delight customers for many years.

Durable design

We focus on a well-thought-out process of designing and constructing furniture, which allows us to create durable products. In addition to the durable construction, we take care of the proper packaging made of recycled materials, which prevents damage. This, in turn, translates into minimizing unnecessary re-deliveries. Our constant commitment and care for the durability of our furniture is aimed at using only the necessary energy sources and materials.

Sustainable production and technology

Cooperation with local suppliers ensures high quality of materials used and minimal impact of production and deliveries on the environment.

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