About us

We all want to feel comfortably in our home.


is a manufacturer of high-quality upholstered furniture, offering a broad selection of well-designed sofas and armchairs. In its offer, the company puts emphasis not only on an interesting


The MOTIV HOME brand was brought to life by a group of enthusiasts of the furniture industry with extensive experience in the scope of design, manufacturing and sales of furniture. The founders of the company seek inspiration to create beautiful furniture in the diversity of the world and they chose devising furniture, thanks to which one can shape individual and inspiring interiors, to be their mission.


We all want to feel comfortably in our home – rest, meet up with the family and friends. We want our apartment to express ourselves – our style and personality. Each of us wants to create our own space, according to our principles, tastes and inspirations. This is why MOTIV HOME is a wide selection of lounge furniture and associated elements, selected in a way to meet individual expectations. Some will find modern, European design in our offer, others will choose it due to its extraordinary quality of workmanship and materials used.

And what are you looking for? What is your MOTIV?